Radical Friend is the collaboration of LA based artists/filmmakers Kirby McClure and Julia Grigorian. The duo has created surreal music videos and web based interactive worlds that have¬†garnered massive amounts of attention from outlets like Boards, Shots, and Wired, as well as Art/Fashion magazines like Dazed and Confused, Tokion and Vice. Their epic Yeasayer-Ambling Alp video premiered at the Hammer Museum (as part of the Flux screening) and Spin Magazine listed the video as one of the “Best Videos of 2009″. Rolling Stone premiered their second video collaboration with Yeasayer in the form of the psychedelically tinged-hip hop fantasy video for O.N.E!

In 2010 Radical Friend was invited to be part of The Creators Project, where they traveled the globe (under sponsorship of Vice Magazine/Intel) with their video installation/performance piece entitled “The Digital Flesh“.¬† In this project attendees were invited to enter a plexi-glass temple where they were 3-dimensionally scanned to have their likeness’ added onto the holographic flesh of a new digital organism. After incubating online, this digital organism was summoned and birthed into the real world (as a hologram). This project was done as a study for their upcoming film “To The Sirens”.

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