With a rambunctious, unruly spirit and a supercomputer’s worth of samples and productions, UK trio Eclectic Method are on the forefront of a new way to see and absorb sound and images. With a playful, punk attitude, the group has been pioneering video remix production and the very notion of how to rock a crowd for nearly a decade. With their debut single “Outta Sight,” their latest collaboration with Public Enemy’s Chuck D, the postmodern group known for its audio/video hybrids — created using found footage of movies, television, video games or countless other sources – can now fully showcase their own hip-hop and dance-inspired productions.

The trio has been a favorite among rock icons for years. The group’s bona fides speaks for itself: U2 hired them to create video remixes to open the band’s ZooTV and Vertigo tours. Phish brought them on to produce the opening video for the group’s legendary Festival 8 Halloween show. An online megamix of Bob Marley’s classic tracks got the stamp of approval from wife Rita. And Fatboy Slim, no stranger himself to remixing, asked the group to create a video remix for every track on “Why Make Videos,” the producer’s greatest hits DVD compilation.

Eclectic Method’s signature style — the producing, chopping up and recontextualizing of music and video through nostalgia, contemporary pop culture and highly danceable beats — leads to unique videos and beats that often creatively surpass its varied source material. The group has remixed everything from John Hughes and Quentin Tarantino to Wu-Tang Clan and “The Colbert Report” (earning a nod of approval from Stephen Colbert himself).

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