New York-based multidisciplinary studio Tronic describes itself as follows:

The strength of Tronic Studio lies in its ability to leverage the various backgrounds of its four partners as architects, designers, art directors and directors to establish a collective fusing of ideas, images, movement and experience.

By actively shaping all projects though a rigorous conceptual process, we transcend preconceived notions of how to arrive at a particular creative solution within any of the media in which we work. Ultimately, by privileging our ideas and promoting ourselves as thought leaders we offer ourselves the flexibility to work in broadcast, film, print, the Internet and the built environment.

Tronic’s co-founders and creative directors Vivian Rosenthal and Jesse Seppi work across media with an acute sensitivity to the way audiences perceive space and form. Whether they are designing for television or Times Square, an art installation or a web site, they create projects that treat viewers as thoughtful, sophisticated participants in audio-visual experiences that blur the line between art and design.

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