Back in 2004, Simon Robson made quite a splash on the internet with his first short film, “What Barry Says.”  Based on conversations Simon had with his neighbor, Barry McNamara, the film was a passionate but well-reasoned attack on the United States’ war in Iraq. It garnered international acclaim, picked up several awards and set Simon on his way to an inspiring career.

Since then, Simon has worked on a mix of commercial and non-commercial work. He was the director of animation for Chris Atkin’s BAFTA-nominated Taking Liberties and has helmed projects for clients as wide-ranging as Nike and The Observer.


Tim Rayner is the Creator and Facilitator of Philosophy for Change, a philosophical workshop program in the art of reflective change. Tim runs workshops on Philosophy for Change in Sydney, Australia. He likes ideas that change your life. He is collaborating with Simon Robson on a film about swarm politics and global warming, parts of which will premier at F5.

Tim’s occasional rants on life, the universe and everything can be found at his blog:

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