Founded by Kyle Cooper, LA-based studio Prologue is widely considered to be one of the best in the business of animation and design. In their own words:

Prologue functions as a collective of designers, filmmakers and artists. It is a body with many parts, each performing a unique function, and each supporting the whole. We encourage, challenge and sharpen one another in an effort to create work that is both communicative and inspirational. It is an approach toward design that has been tested and proven over the years, but we remain open to new ideas, methodologies and perspectives.

Danny Yount is one of the key creative forces behind Prologue. Danny’s work in graphic design and film has won awards in most major design shows for everything from online media to feature main titles. He has won two Emmys and one nomination for his work in television, where he created the title sequence for HBO’s Six Feet Under as a director at Digital Kitchen. Danny’s portfolio includes main titles for Iron Man, Rocknrolla, The Invasion and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, among many others.

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