Moment Factory is a team of filmmakers, art directors, producers, designers, animators, programmers, and technicians with headquarters in Montreal. They specialize in the creation, design and control of immersive environments and new media content. Blending video, lighting, performance, architecture and sound, they have created and executed installations and content for some of the world’s largest entertainment and advertising companies.

Moment Factory was recently featured in Wired magazine for their work on the latest Nine Inch Nails world tour. From Wired:

Responsible for the technology driving most of the interactive tech elements, Moment Factory is a boutique Canadian outfit that’s worked on a number of Cirque du Soleil shows and has produced other industrial visual installations.

For the interactive portions of the show, all the onscreen video is rendered by Moment Factory’s custom rig, a trio of Linux-based devices collectively known as “the brain.”

“They build what they call games,” Reznor explains. “Each [interactive] song might have two or three settings … or games. It’s basically particle-based animation.”

Those particles can interact with any of the various inputs Reznor and the band have selected.

Moment Factory is, above all, a blend of art and science. They envision larger-than-life experiences with vivid imaginations and marshall all the technical and logistic requirements to bring them to reality.

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